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Inspiration 2018.02.09

Fonthill Fitness celebrates the Olympics and salutes the athletes!

This tribute to the familiar 5-ring symbol is our way of saying that Fonthill Fitness is for all ages and abilities. Faster! Higher! Stronger! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2017.11.13

Get BACK in shape!
Need some motivation? Contact our Personal Trainers today! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2017.08.01

Congratulations to Nancy, one of our Personal Trainers, who just won 2nd in Masters and 3rd in Grand Masters at the Barrie Natural Championships! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2017.05.02

Here is Denise, with a few words about facing challenges. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.08.23

Discover what you are made of with our body composition analysis service. Contact us for details! Image by Greg Holmes

Meet Mike 2015.09.20

Mike Browne is the owner of Fonthill Fitness.

Mike is an enthusiastic believer in the role physical fitness plays in a healthy and balanced life.

He loves to help you follow the right path to achieving your fitness goals, and he always welcomes you with a smile!

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As awareness increases every day on how exercise is so vitally important to a healthly lifestyle, people are looking to get involved in a fitness regime and find the right fit for them.

At Fonthill Fitness our goal is to supply you with the right equipment, the right instruction, and the right programs tailored to your needs and your goals.

What brings it all together is our competent enthusiastic staff. We will help to inspire you to make lifestyle changes to improve your health and better enjoy your life through feeling physically fit.