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Student Summer Special! 2015.05.12

Full gym membership, classes included - for only $99!

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Summer Gym Hours 2015.05.10

Starting June 1st, we'll be on new hours for the summer, so you can get an early evening workout in the gym and then enjoy the sunset!

Monday - Friday: 7am - 8pm
Saturday: 8:30am - noon
Sunday: 9am - noon

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Soy Protein Found to Decrease Strength Gains Compared to Dairy Protein 2015.04.27

A study of 179 people age 60+ undergoing resistance training has found dairy protein to be superior to soy protein for strength(1).

There were three protein options in the study: dairy, soy, and the usual protein intake of the subjects (e.g. meat). All subjects trained the same: 3 times a week for 12 weeks.

The difference may be explained by previous research which shows that soy protein doesn't deliver the same muscle protein synthesis results as dairy protein(2), which could be due to differences in the fundamental amino acid composition of the protein and its rate of digestion. Furthermore, the newer study suggests that estrogen-like compounds in soy might have been responsible for the lower results of the soy group.

Other findings were that lean mass, physical function, mental health scores, as well as the decrease in fat mass were the same for all training groups.

Meet Mike 2015.04.07

Mike Browne is the owner of Fonthill Fitness.

Mike is an enthusiastic believer in the role physical fitness plays in a healthy and balanced life.

He loves to help you follow the right path to achieving your fitness goals, and he always welcomes you with a smile!

Meet Our New Yoga Instructor 2014.09.09

Our new Yoga instructor is Sylvia Mikolič-Papez, who has been studying Yoga since 1984 and is also a full time school teacher.

She is delighted to be part of the Fonthill Fitness team. "I feel priviledged to be able to share my experience of this wonderful, transforming practice with everyone I teach."

Come join us in her classes! See the schedule for times.

Massage Therapy Now Available 2014.04.08

Contact Andrea Chambers at 905-892-4443 to make an appointment. Introductory offer: $10 off all massages.

New Core H.I.I.T. / Sport Conditioning - Wednesdays at 6:15 2014.04.02

A combination of strength, flexibility, and balance in a high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) class. Just 30 minutes to a New Core and a New You. Combine the class with Spin before or Zumba after for a fun and inspiring way to get into beach-body shape.

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Our New Twitter Page 2013.04.05

Follow us on Twitter for the latest news and events!

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As awareness increases every day on how exercise is so vitally important to a healthly lifestyle, people are looking to get involved in a fitness regime and find the right fit for them.

At Fonthill Fitness our goal is to supply you with the right equipment, the right instruction, and the right programs tailored to your needs and your goals.

What brings it all together is our competent enthusiastic staff. We will help to inspire you to make lifestyle changes to improve your health and better enjoy your life through feeling physically fit.