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Welcome to Fonthill Fitness!
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Inspiration 2017.12.29

It's a New Year! It's time for a New You!
We can help you achieve your fitness goals! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2017.11.27

Toronto Argonauts win the Grey Cup!
Congratulations to local player Chris Van Zeyl! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2017.11.13

Get BACK in shape!
Need some motivation? Contact our Personal Trainers today! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2017.09.12

The sweat, the time, and the devotion - it all pays off. Give it the effort, and you will reap the reward. To get started, come and talk to our Trainers! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2017.08.01

Congratulations to Nancy, one of our Personal Trainers, who just won 2nd in Masters and 3rd in Grand Masters at the Barrie Natural Championships! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2017.07.15

This is our trainer Greg lifting our EPIC Fonthill Fitness dumbbell of doom! Image by Greg Holmes

Tip: Do the Side Plank instead of Standing Side Crunches 2017.05.30

Do explosive Side Plank Ab Smashers instead of standing barbell side crunches. The standing version flexes the spine while under compression, stressing the discs. The plank version avoids this problem while better targeting the muscles. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2017.05.02

Here is Denise, with a few words about facing challenges. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2017.04.04

Strength is Useful!
Let us help you to improve your health so you can do all the things you want to do - including opening jars! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2017.01.23

Stop saying I wish. Start saying I WILL.
Let us show you how personal training can change your life. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.12.05

The Body Can Achieve What The Mind Believes!
This is Denise, one of our trainers! Photo courtesy G3 Designs Photography

Inspiration 2016.10.23

Here's Denise, one of our trainers, on stage at a recent fitness event! Image by Peter Yeung

Inspiration 2016.10.22

Protein Makes Bones Stronger!
- Protein does not leach calcium from bones
- Bones are 60% collagen, a protein matrix
- Weight-bearing exercise builds bone density
- How much protein do you need?
Find out with our InBody test Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.10.11

Get a Helping Hand - Get Personal Training at Fonthill Fitness!
Don't wait for a special occasion, start now! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.10.04

3 Ways to Lose Muffin Tops!
#1 "Wogging": which is interval walking
#2 Intermittent Dieting: diet only 2 days a week
#3 Nutrient Ordering: proteins before carbs! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.10.25

Better Your Best!
It's not just Training - it's Personal
Hire a Personal Trainer to get you to the next level!
Call 905-892-4443 and ask for Deb or Mike, or email
Ask about our packages!

Inspiration 2016.10.14

Earn your body!

Inspiration 2016.09.27

Diet. Exercise. Rest
All three legs are of the stool are needed. Without one of the legs, the whole thing will collapse! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.08.29

Back to school? Nope! We are ALWAYS LEARNING! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.08.23

Discover what you are made of with our body composition analysis service. Contact us for details! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.08.15

Toughness comes from WITHIN!

This image is for the daughter of one of our trainers, to inspire her to recover well. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.08.09

Fonthill Fitness celebrates the Olympics and salutes the athletes!

Our tribute to the familiar 5-ring symbol is our way of saying that Fonthill Fitness is for all ages and abilities. Faster! Higher! Stronger! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.07.25

Your future is created by what you do today - not tomorrow!

Let us help you to create your future, with personal training, classes, and more. Image by Greg Holmes

Pelham SummerFest 2016 2016.07.20

Pelham SummerFest was a blast! Thanks to our team and to all the folks who saw our stage presentation and came by the booth! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.07.04

Set your goals & SMASH THEM!

This is Pam, our Kick Box Boot Camp instructor. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.06.27

True North Strong and Free!

Celebrate Canada's Birthday by becoming strong and free! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.06.20

It's time to INSPIRE!

Marilyn Monroe worked out - just like you! (And she ate like Rocky Balboa!) Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.06.13

SUCCESS: Starting each day with hope and motivation in your heart.

A positive attitude leads to positive results! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.06.10

It doesn't matter whether you finish first or last. At least you are in the race.

That is true for your general fitness goals, but also specifically for the Ride To Conquer Cancer.

We salute everyone involved in the RTCC. We've been following it since the beginning, with friends both riding and benefiting from the research.

‪#‎TheRideTO‬ ‪#‎youareinit‬ ‪#‎doingsomething‬ Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.05.30

You can be stronger.
You can be healthier.
You can improve your life.
You can move more, do more, be more.
YOU CAN Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.05.16

I want to Inspire
I want you to Achieve
I want to unleash your Potential
I am a Personal Trainer Image by Greg Holmes

Did You Know? 2016.05.09

Your habits determine your obesity risks. Change your mind, change your body! Image by Greg Holmes

Did You Know? 2016.04.25

The stomach can sense glucose, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This allows the brain to link nutritional value of foods to their tastes. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.04.18

I'm not here to be AVERAGE - I'm here to be AWESOME!
We've got kickbox, spin, Buns'n'Guns, HIIT, and abs classes to help you be AWESOME! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.04.11

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.
Try one of our fitness classes for a challenge that changes you! And change is what it's all about, right? Image by Greg Holmes

Glynn A Green Public School 2016.04.04

The grade 8 students from Glynn A Green Public School had fun in the spin class and on our other equipment. A great effort by all! A couple more sessions to go! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.04.04

A year from now you will wish you had started today. Image by Greg Holmes

Recipe - Grain-Free Granola 2016.04.03

2c almonds, chopped or slivered
1c cashews, chopped
1c sunflower seeds, unsalted
1/2c whole flaxseed
1/2c shredded coconut, unsweetened
2tbsp ground nutmeg
2tbsp ground cinnamon
1/2c honey, melted
2tbsp coconut oil, melted
pinch sea salt

- preheat oven to 300°F
- in large bowl, mix dry ingredients
- add honey and oil and mix well
- on foil-covered baking sheet, spread in half-inch layer
- bake on middle rack until deep golden brown, stirring occasionally
- cool completely, store in airtight jar

makes 8 servings Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.03.25

Work out five days a week for an hour a day. That's 5 hours a week. Let's talk about the other 163! Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.03.21

Strength doesn't come from what you CAN do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you COULDN'T. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.03.14

COURAGE doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.03.07

It's not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you were yesterday. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.03.04

The mind is the limit. If the mind can envision something, you can do it, as long as you believe 100 percent. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.03.02

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference between fitness success and fitness failure. Image by Greg Holmes

Inspiration 2016.02.24

Fit Happens at Fonthill Fitness! Image by Greg Holmes

Greg's Workout Tip: 3 Key Stretches for Runners 2015.09.25

Runners should stretch every day - even on non-running days. For tight hips, hamstrings, and lower back, here are three essential lower-body stretches:

  • Open Lizard - a lunge with hands on the ground, rear knee down, and forward knee tipped outward
  • Sitting on Heels - try it with toes curled under, then feet pointed back, then a full Reclining Hero
  • Seated Wide Legs - straight legs opened in a V, leaning forward then over each leg

Come to our Yoga classes to learn how to make these part of your day!

Meet Mike 2015.09.20

Mike Browne is the owner of Fonthill Fitness.

Mike is an enthusiastic believer in the role physical fitness plays in a healthy and balanced life.

He loves to help you follow the right path to achieving your fitness goals, and he always welcomes you with a smile!

Superhero Training - Wednesdays at 6:15 2015.09.01

This core and conditioning class is a combination of strength, flexibility, and balance in a high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) class. Just 30 minutes to a New Core and a New You. Combine the class with Spin before or Zumba after for a fun and inspiring way to get into beach-body shape.

... more

Greg's Workout Tip: Do Plyometrics Before Heavy Weights 2015.06.01

Increasing nervous signal impulses by doing plyometric actions before heavy weight bearing leads to additional muscle-building stimulus.

The larger the muscle fibres, the larger the motor neuron attached. Large, fast-twitch muscle fibres are designed to produce a high level of force, and require a large electrical signal from your nervous system.

Doing plyometrics like squat jumps before training legs is a great way to force your muscles into recruiting more fibres.

Similarly, implementing plyometric push-ups before training chest can set the stage for your body to deliver large electrical signals via the nervous system to recruit more and larger muscle fibres during your working sets.

In addition to those bodyweight-only plyo moves, the Smith machine offers some safe resistance-based alternatives such as bench-press throws for chest, squat jumps for legs, and explosive curls for biceps.

When performing these moves, focus on being as explosive as possible — your feet should leave the floor when jump-squatting, and your hands should leave the floor when doing push-ups. Do 3 sets of 5 reps or less (not to failure) before your working sets.

Greg's Workout Tip: Don't Train Intensely For More Than An Hour 2015.05.11

Your body’s hormonal hero, testosterone, has a nemesis — a hormone known as cortisol. While testosterone helps your body recover from training and use it as a springboard to growth, cortisol tries to break muscle down. It’s a constant battle between progression and regression.

The push-and-pull is both inevitable and necessary for balanced health. Cortisol levels tend to rise and testosterone levels dip starting somewhere around the 60-minute mark of an intense training session.

Just like in the movies, you want testosterone to win out in the end. The longer you train intensely, the more you stack the odds against your hero. So keep your intense training sessions under an hour.

Soy Protein Found to Decrease Strength Gains Compared to Dairy Protein 2015.04.27

A study of 179 people age 60+ undergoing resistance training has found dairy protein to be superior to soy protein for strength(1).

There were three protein options in the study: dairy, soy, and the usual protein intake of the subjects (e.g. meat). All subjects trained the same: 3 times a week for 12 weeks.

The difference may be explained by previous research which shows that soy protein doesn't deliver the same muscle protein synthesis results as dairy protein(2), which could be due to differences in the fundamental amino acid composition of the protein and its rate of digestion. Furthermore, the newer study suggests that estrogen-like compounds in soy might have been responsible for the lower results of the soy group.

Other findings were that lean mass, physical function, mental health scores, as well as the decrease in fat mass were the same for all training groups.

Meet Our New Yoga Instructor 2014.09.09

Our new Yoga instructor is Sylvia Mikolič-Papez, who has been studying Yoga since 1984 and is also a full time school teacher.

She is delighted to be part of the Fonthill Fitness team. "I feel priviledged to be able to share my experience of this wonderful, transforming practice with everyone I teach."

Come join us in her classes! See the schedule for times.

Our Twitter Page 2013.04.05

Follow us on Twitter for the latest news and events!

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